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Odoms Family Picture

A Family that stays together, grows together. This is the beginning of our story. We traveled a long way to realize that this is the  best thing we could ever do as a family. Mistletoe manor was never the goal, in fact, Mistletoe Manor was the solution for us. The creation of Mistletoe Manor started on Christmas Eve 2018. When we were getting everything set up for Christmas day while watching Hallmark (Clique, we know). We had thought up many crazy ideas even before the idea of the farm ever came to be. That Christmas Eve was the turning point though. Up until then, selling Christmas trees had never been an option because 

of members of the family having extreme allergies. When we started talking about a tree farm though, it dawned on us what we needed to do. With a combined love of Christmas and the forests, we began work on creating our dream home. Mistletoe Manor is not just a place for our family though, it is a place for everyone inside and out of our community. Our hopes for Mistletoe Manor were to turn it into a gathering place for everyone young and old, crazy and sane. To make wonderful memories for years to come. The Goal wasn't just to make Mistletoe Manor a gathering place, but for Weiser in general. You know those magical towns you see in the movies? Well, Weiser isn't that far off from them, we just need a little push. While we are still a work in progress, we have created a  store front in Downtown Weiser where we have a side business and gift store that will hold a sampling of what is on its way. Please stay tuned as we continue to grow and expand towards our goals of  a full fledged farm (trees take time to grow), and of course, in the meantime come visit  us downtown at The Cobbler and Magically Made!

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